Nebula Capsule II

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Anker announces Nebula Capsule II projector w/ Android TV, 720p resolution, ‘Model Zero+’ Assistant speaker

As Android TV continues to grow in popularity, we’re seeing it show up in a lot of new places. Heck, it even showed up in a robot back at CES this year alongside a boatload of other products. Now, Anker is launching the Nebula Capsule II projector, and it comes with Android TV packed inside. This week, Anker has taken the wraps off of a handful of new products, but the Nebula Capsule II is without a doubt the most notable. This new product takes the same compact “soda-can” size of the original from last year, but packs in a higher 720p resolution at 200 lumens. It also now includes USB-C and 3 hours of power on its built-in 10,000 mAh battery. With Android TV built-in, the Nebula Capsule II still offers support for Chromecast apps, but also for native apps and even Google Assistant. It runs the same interface seen on something like the Nvidia Shield TV. HDMI in is also supported here for other devices like a Nintendo Switch.

nebula_capsule_ii_android_tv_1.jpg?quality=82&strip=all Pricing for the Nebula Capsule II is certainly going to be higher, though. While the original costs just $349, the second-gen is going to run $349 for the super-early bird run on Kickstarter (which is already gone at the time of writing). General availability on Kickstarter will land at $399, but the final retail price is unknown at the moment. Alongside the new projector, Anker has also finally released more details on its “Model Zero+” Google Assistant speaker which was shown off back at CES. Both the Model Zero and Model Zero+ will launch under the company’s “Soundcore” brand in November. The standard model will run $199. The Model Zero+, on the other hand, will run $249 for adding Google Assistant and speaker drivers “Designed by Scan-Speaker.” Personally, I’d definitely opt for the extra $50 to add Assistant.

More on Android TV:

Anker’s Nebula brand first arrived on the scene this summer with its Mars projector. A portable cinema designed in partnership with JBL. At $600, it’s a unique blend of portability and function that provides three hours of continuous playback. Today’s announcement brings much of the same functionality in a smaller package and roughly one-third of the weight. The Nebula Capsule runs on a version of Android Nougat but it supports a wide range of products and connectivity. That includes AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast, which complements a built-in HDMI 1.4 port and Bluetooth capabilities. Built-in support for streaming apps from Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Amazon Prime and others round out the list of content providers available at launch. anker-nebula-capsule-1.jpg?quality=82&strip=all Capsule sports a native resolution of 654 x 480, but it can handle 1080p and 4K streams with a few adjustments. The DLP lens can display a screen up to 100-inches in size, which can be shown out of the front or rear, and up on a ceiling, if needed. You won’t find as much power in the audio department on this model, in comparison to the previously-released Mars. But in a portable design like this, that’s to be expected. The internal 5200mAh battery pushes out 5W of sound when it use. Aside from the 2.5-hours of video playback, users can expect upwards of 40-hours when simply playing audio via Bluetooth. Anker will ship its latest release with a remote, Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger and a microUSB cable. Early bird backers can pick up a unit for $199, with prices going up to $269 throughout the campaign as inventory allows. When the Nebula Capsule hits retail in December, it will have a list price of $349.

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